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General Adoption Information

In Saskatchewan, there are three main systems of adoptions for families hoping to adopt. There is public adoption through the Department of Social Services, private or independent adoption as well as international adoption.

An adoption through Social Services is, in most cases, for children who are in the permanent care of the Minister. These children are often apprehended and made permanent wards by the Court because of abuse, neglect or abandonment. Some birth parents may have addictions to drugs and/or alcohol, are unable or willing to provide their children the basic needs or they’re too young to parent. There are also some birth parents who complete a voluntary consent to adoption shortly after the birth of their child. The children in the care of the Minister may be infants, older children and many have special needs.

There are no private adoption agencies in Saskatchewan. Private or ‘independent’ adoptions do exist and can be accomplished when the birth parent(s) make arrangements with someone they know to adopt their child. A home study is still required by an independent practitioner approved by Social Services and this type of adoption is generally processed through the courts with the assistance of lawyers.

International adoption is another means for families adopt in Saskatchewan. Families must apply to Social Services and meet the requirements for international adoption. Social Services oversees and approves all of the paperwork, home study and international adoption placements. As there are no private adoption agencies in Saskatchewan, families must employ the services of a licensed adoption agency from another province.

Province Notes

For more information about adoption in Saskatchewan, visit the web site on adoption at the Government of Social Services.


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