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Private Adoption

There are no licensed private adoption agencies in New Brunswick at the present time. Private adoptions do occur in New Brunswick, but they’re arranged by the birth parents who place their child directly with a family known to them.

In a private or ‘direct placement’ adoption of children over the age of two, birth parents and adoptive parents have 30 days prior to the placement to notify the Minister. For children under the age of two, families have 15 days after placement to notify the Minister. The reason for the notification of a placement is that ultimately, the Minister is responsible for ensuring that these adoption placements are safe and do not place the child at risk.

Recently, the Minister proposed that the timeframe for notifying the Minister of a private adoption placement be extended to 60 days. This change would allow the Minister the opportunity to perform a preliminary adoptive home assessment.

Another proposed amendment by the Minister is that birth parents will be informed of the findings of their chosen adoptive family’s home assessment. The birth parents will be notified whether the Minister believes that the placement is suitable so that they can make an informed decision.


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