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General Adoption Information

In Manitoba, there are three types of adoption: public, private and international. Adoptions in Manitoba occur under the legislation of The Adoption Act and The Child and Family Services Act. This includes adoptions of children living in Manitoba and children from other provinces and countries.

In all cases, the greatest consideration is given to the child’s best interests. This includes the child’s opportunity to belong as a wanted member of a family, the adoptive parents’ ability to meet the child’s mental, emotional and educational needs, and the child’s cultural, linguistic, racial and religious heritage.

The legislation is intended to protect the rights of everyone involved in an adoption: the child, the child’s birth parents and the adoptive parents. For example, no one can give or receive a payment or reward of any kind in connection with the adoption of a child, except for standard legal fees and fees to agencies for certain services.

Adoptions that occur in Manitoba are made legal by an Order of Adoption granted by a judge in the Court of Queen’s Bench.

Public adoptions (also known as the adoption of a permanent ward) are arranged through Child and Family Services. Children who are permanent wards are eligible to be adopted because their birth parents have either consented or the Court has determined that the birth parents are unable to care for the child.

Private domestic adoptions in Manitoba are facilitated by a licensed adoption agency or a Child and Family Services agency. In a private adoption, one or both of the birth parents will select the adoptive parents for their child.

Inter-country or international adoptions are facilitated by licensed adoption agencies or a Child and Family Services agency.

Province Notes

For more information about adoption in Manitoba, visit Manitoba’s Family Services and Housing’s web site: (click here)


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