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You’ve filled out application forms, attended training, had a home study completed, and spent hours writing, editing and creating a beautiful family profile for social workers and prospective birth parents to review. Well done! You’re probably wondering: “Now what are we supposed to do?” If you’re like most prospective adoptive parents, waiting for ‘the call’ is the hardest part of the adoption journey. Whether you’re waiting to adopt privately or through your province/territory’s government agency, there are things you can do to increase your chances of adopting sooner than later.

Adoption Networking

For many prospective adoptive parents, adoption networking efforts have been the key to successfully adopting. Word of mouth and the placement of ads in newspaper classifieds have in the past been the most popular way of advertising one’s desire to adopt. In the last few years, however, more and more families are connecting online by posting their “Dear Expectant Parent” letters on popular adoption sites or by transforming their profiles into full fledged web sites!

In fact, before adoptiveparents.ca became “An Adoption Resource Guide for Canadians”, it was used as a marketing tool in our family’s ‘adoption networking’. By transforming our profile into a fully interactive web site, we were able to share our profile with thousands of social workers, church leaders, counsellors and adoption professionals across Canada! We have no doubt that our networking efforts online and off played a major role in adopting our first son.

So, if your home study has been approved and you reside in a province or territory in Canada that allows you to network for adoption, we invite you to join adoptiveparents.ca’s “Family Profiles.”

What is Adoptiveparents.ca’s Family Profiles Directory?

Adoptiveparents.ca recognizes the importance of ‘adoption networking’ and there’s no better way to tell the world about your desire to adopt then by posting your profile online!

Why Join Adoptiveparents.ca’s “Family Profiles”?

  • Adoptiveparents.ca receives thousands of visitors each and every month. Anyone, including a potential birth parent, may see your profile and feel you’re a match for their adoption plan.
  • You’ll be adding another ‘tool’ to your adoption networking kit and the more efforts made, the better your chances of finding your child. In your networking efforts, you can e-mail social workers, counsellors, church leaders and other professionals a link so that they can read about you and see your profile ‘live.’

What will your profile include? How much will this cost us?

  • A one page profile showcasing up to 12 photographs and your “Dear Expectant Parents” letter
  • Your e-mail contact information so that potential birth families can contact you if they have any questions about your family/profile or would like to connect for a possible match. You can also include your phone number (some families have toll free numbers) and your social worker or adoption agency’s contact information
  • Photo touch-up and cropping services
  • A one time fee of just $200



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