The Journey

As I was driving my 5 year old daughter to a birthday party this past Saturday, I was thinking about how different my life is compared to just 10 years ago. Yes, a decade is a long time and so much can happen, but, wow, I remember the spring of 2005 like it was yesterday. After six long years of infertility, we made the decision to pursue adoption and once we did, we never looked back. Adoption was never “Plan B” or second best – I was adopted as a baby through CAS and it was always the plan to adopt even if we did have biological children.

Anyhow, we had just finished our home study, training and were now in the process of submitting our ‘profile’ to all CAS agencies in Ontario. For the next several months, I called every CAS office monthly to ‘check in’ and remind them that we were still waiting to adopt and to call us if we were a match with any waiting children. We hoped to adopt a baby under the age of one. Most adoption workers told me that we’d wait years to adopt a child that young, but I knew that if I networked enough, my child was out there and waiting for me to find him or her.

I made adoption networking my full-time job. I sent our profile to every possible agency and organization including planned pregnancy centres, over 3,000 churches and anyone else who might be able to help us. We had an amazing response; we received tons of e-mails and phone calls from well-wishers and even church leaders who had added us to their congregation’s prayers.

The wait to adopt wasn’t easy and our faith was tested on numerous occasions. We just knew though that one day, some day, we would become parents. Sure enough, that day, or should I say ‘call’ arrived …. almost nine months after we started networking we received a phone call from Native Child and Family Services in Toronto. The voice on the other end of the phone asked us if we were still waiting to adopt and would we be interested in adopting a healthy, 8 month old boy! You can imagine the joy and excitement we felt but a lot had to be done before welcoming this little person into our family. The agency had to consider one other family and have an adoption conference to ensure the family they chose was the right match for this child.

Four days before my 30th birthday, the phone rang with the best news I had ever received. We had been chosen to adopt this special little boy. Best birthday gift ever. Our son came home after a 10-day transition from his foster home and life hasn’t been the same since! Diaper changes, late night feedings, first steps, first days of school – all such wonderful milestones and fun times. Our first adoption was such a wonderful experience that we decided to try again …

In 2008, we adopted another little boy. He was just 5 months old when he arrived and we were thrilled! For our second adoption, we waited about 6 months before the call, err, I mean ’email’ came asking “if we would consider adopting a healthy 4 month old boy and oh by the way, here’s his photo.” Yup, we couldn’t say ‘no’ to that adorable little baby.

Again, I did a considerable amount of networking and I think it was a great relief to every adoption worker in Ontario when we adopted our second kiddo. During those six months, I called each of my contacts at every CAS in Ontario every 3 weeks to see if we might be a match for any children who were ready to be adopted. In fact, I even went so far as sending our family’s profile to social workers and agencies in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and British Columbia! LOL. Our third, and final adoption, came quickly and rather unexpected in September 2010. We were just finishing our home study update when our worker got ‘the call’ asking if we were ready to adopt and would we consider adopting a baby girl. Needless to say, our home study update was finished rather quickly and a few weeks later, we had a daughter. Our family felt complete.

So, as you can see, life has definitely changed for us. There was a time before we started our adoption journey that we wondered if we would ever be parents. We wanted to be parents so much and after a lot of work and perseverance we built our wonderful family of five! Life is not perfect – it’s busy and has lots of good times and some challenges, but it’s our life and I’m very proud of it and the journey we took to get here.

New Web Site

Welcome back to’s web site. Over the past month, I’ve been working on a new version of the site and am adding lots of interactive features for the site’s visitors. This blog will be primarily about adoption and all of its issues.