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General Adoption Information

There are three main types of adoption in Alberta:

  • Private Adoption (Domestic Open Adoption)
  • Public Adoption
  • International Adoption

In Alberta, public adoptions are overseen by the government agency, Alberta Children’s Services (ACS). Most of the children in the care of ACS have special needs. These special needs could include being part of a sibling group that needs to stay together, children who are between the ages of 8 and 18 years of age, and children who may have medical, physical, developmental, learning and emotional problems. There are also children who have been abused and/or neglected. These children are matched with adoptive families that are approved and given specialized training by the Ministry.

Private adoption is another option for Albertan families. There are five non-government, non-profit adoption agencies that are licensed to arrange private domestic adoptions. Most of the children available through private adoption are newborns or young infants. In most situations, the birth parents play an active role in choosing their child’s adoptive family and open adoptions are common. Private adoptions are expensive and most costs are the adoptive family’s responsibility. These kinds of adoptions are also called “Domestic Open Adoptions” in Alberta.

InternationalĀ adoptions have become increasingly popular over the last two decades and many Albertans are choosing this route to expand their families. Alberta families can adopt a child through the government of the child’s country or pursue a private international adoption.

Another type of adoption in Alberta is a “Private Direct Adoption.” This type of adoption occurs when birth parents place their child directly with a family they know, or within their own family (such as with a grandparent, aunt and uncle, or step parent). This type of adoption is complicated but can be achieved with the assistance of a professional adoption agency/lawyer.

Province Notes

For more information about adoption in Alberta, visit Alberta Human Services.


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