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Welcome to Adoptiveparents.ca ... an online resource guide for Canadians whose lives have, or will be, touched by adoption.

Are you hoping to adopt and not sure who to call or where to start? You're not alone! Most potential adoptive parents, when they first start the process, find themselves feeling overwhelmed and intimidated. When it comes to adoption, Canadians have many choices and issues to consider such as:

  • Do you want a public adoption or private?
  • Do you want to adopt internationally?
  • How do you feel about open adoption?
  • Do you want to adopt a newborn, toddler or an older child?
  • Could you adopt a sibling group or a child with special needs?

In Canada, adoption is provincially mandated; meaning, each province and territory has its own set of rules and guidelines for all aspects of adoption. Adoptiveparents.ca has been designed to provide province specific information outlining the processes, laws and guidelines, and the types of adoption available to each province or territory's residents. More general information about adoption can be found in "Adoption 101."

Adoptiveparents.ca was originally created to aid hopeful adoptive parents in Canada. But, whether you’re hoping to adopt, considering adoption for your child, or you want to learn more about adoption in Canada, this site offers a wealth of information and resources.

Adopting is not an easy journey to parenthood, but it's a magnificent way to grow your family.


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